Can you see through the storm?

Let's take a little journey and see if we can see through to the other side together? She ran into the storm Thunder surrounding her Lighting crashing behind and in front of her Rain coming sideways She wasn't able to see 6 inches ahead Yet she kept moving She knew she had to She had to keep moving The storm was one she ...


she rose despite the thorns

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...fall into a poem, that may even inspire you... She felt beatenLike ropes on sunburnt skinHer tears swollen against her She laid thereNo words spokenHer breath just a beat She couldn’t lift her armRaise a word from her mouthSmell the fire around her Her life a furyHer heart a mazeHer head ready to fight She wasn’t one to lay downShe ...

A ray of light

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A ray of light bounces off her smile she looks up to see hope for the day Who knew it would transcend into her bones Like a dog that runs astray He led her down the path She ran sideways Looking for a hole in the wall She found a ragged doll laying below She looked up Seeing through her broken glasses Another glimmer of hope

Lock Step

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She walked a mile in her own shoes Threw them away in a dumpster alongside the wave swept rocks She knew the way The act of being lost was nothing new She ate her indecision The fruit tasting a tad sour She locked step with his He glanced with too trustful eyes She wanted more The wind kicked harder She hugged herself against the frigid ...

The Leaves Fallen

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She sat She thought She winced at the pain She scratched at the pavement searching for a grain of improvement hoping for the mask to be removed The leaves twisted in the sun The birds hid from the disruption The cat perched on its hind legs She sat She looked for a new vision The pebble rolled towards her The brick crumbling The twigs cracking as she stepped ...

The Moon’s Hope

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She holds too tight Strangling all hope It vanishes between her hands Leaving not a strand A gust of wind blows through her hair A whisper A knot ties in her chest She turns toward the bitter wind Too late again The dreams swept into the crashing waves The sand washing away The seashells crumbling She loops towards the moon It's light shining upon her hands She opens them ...