Are you doing these Five Food Prep Tips?

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Food prepping has become a necessity in order to (1) eat healthier, (2) spend less money, and (3) spend less time during the week worrying about what I’ll eat and cook. It’s a perfect way to have the rest of your week feel easier, because you can grab and go for lunch. And when it comes time for dinner, you don’t have to cook again – it’s all set!

Here are five things you should be doing to make your eating habits that much better:

  1. Pick recipes that are the following:
    1. Contain ingredients that can stay well for a few days. For instance if making salad, do not add the dressing until you’re about to eat. I even wait to cut up avocado until the meal because our beloved avos have a tendency to go brown so easily.
    2. Easy to warm up and prepare in the work place.
    3. Filling enough to keep you from buying food after you eat.
  2. Have a variety or pick something you will love – I know that after 1-2 times of having certain foods I get bored and don’t want it the rest of the week. Consider preparing a couple different options or ways you can freshen it up with different toppings (i.e. chili) so it feels different.
  3. Don’t eat the same thing for lunch and dinner. Or you will never make it through the few days of meals you prepped (or at least I can’t).
  4. Make food prepping apart of your routine like going to the gym. Once it becomes habit on Sundays (ideally) then you won’t even think about it each week.
  5. Take time once a month to look for new recipes you haven’t eaten before to spice it up. Perhaps you can find some with fresh seasonal ingredients (i.e. watermelon in summer).

And here are 3 of our favorite things to meal prep:

  1. Chili or soup – throw it in a pot and let it simmer
  2. Chicken and vegetables – best part is you can season the chicken different ways and/or choose a few different vegetables to prep and change up the vegetables you have for the meals.
  3. Stir fry with vegetable noodles – my fave are zucchini noodles.


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