Five ways to increase self care today

One of the words I chose for 2023 is “self care” and as it’s now January 15th, and most people supposedly quit their resolutions by around now, I am happy to say I have not. Not to say this is a resolution, persay, but it’s in the realm as it’s a theme I’m focused on for the year, which embodies the areas I want to not just improve upon, but ensure I keep as an area of importance in my daily life.

Five ways I’ve already focused on the theme of self care include:

  1. Reading 3-5 days a week: Typically the time I find to do this is before bedtime. I have books on the Kindle app as well as hard copies I enjoy reading and based on which book I’m in the mood for, I pick that one up and try to read for at least 15 minutes before bed.
  2. Food Prepping each Sunday: I’ve started to food prep lunch and dinner options for 4-6 days of the week and various items so I have a variety and don’t get bored. They range from using my air fryer and making chicken, using the instant pot for soup, baking some veggies in the oven, as well as egg muffins for quick and easy grab and go options.
  3. Exercising in the AM: I workout in the AM so the excuse to workout is no longer lingering throughout the day and I make healthier choices through the day if I know I’ve started out right as well.
  4. Drinking more water: I recently purchased a 48 ounce water bottle so I can ensure I drink more water and know how much I drink during the day.
  5. Spending time with furry creatures who inhabit my home: Pets and animals are a great stress relief as well as pure joy. Spending even 15-20 minutes to snuggle or play with them is an instant smile.

There are more things I want and hope to do, but in my opinion this is a pretty great start.

What about you?

Until next time #radiatedaily

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