Five Reasons to Believe in Yourself

There are days when we get down on ourselves for not being good enough, pretty enough, fit enough, or meeting another self-imposed expectation.

I know there are days where I wish I could run a 10K with ease, but I also realize that it’s ok if I can’t. Maybe that’s not what I will be best at.
We are our own worst critic. Most of our friends and family see the opposite. For example, I was having dinner with a close friend and she stated, that I am good at making friends anywhere I go, and that I am a likable person. Somewhere along the way, I had forgotten that this is a trait that has gotten me to where I am today. I am a people person and am great at understanding people for who they are and want to be – in a work setting and otherwise.
We need to listen to our friends more often and believe their compliments. And in turn compliment ourselves.
Here’s a start for myself:
1. I believe I am a good listener
2. I believe I am a good friend
3. I believe I am a driven person
4. I believe I am in better shape than I was a couple years ago
5. I believe I am capable of achieving what I want
What are your five compliments, and reason to believe?


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