Morning Rituals

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Rituals. Seemed like too much of a passe, feel good word to me at first. Like why do I need a “ritual.” Why can’t it just be a “routine” or “habit.” It can be. Truthfully, it’s whatever you prefer to call it and feel comfortable with. Over time, I’ve grown to like more of the feel good stuff…such a weirdo, right?

My rituals keep me balanced. They help me stay in tune with myself as a person and help me find peace during the madness of the bustling week, especially living in such a busy city like New York. My rituals allow me to take a moment for myself, and give me something to focus on outside of work, outside of friends and family. It gives me time to focus on…me. 

My main rituals are in the morning. I wake up after hitting snooze a few times (can’t help it), look through my alerts that happened on my phone. I am a digital native after all. Again, can’t help it. Feed the cat, and make myself a hot cup of water and lemon. As I stir awake, and stretch with the steaming mug and my yoga mat, I take time to reflect on the things I need to do that day. The things I need to accomplish. This may only take 5-10 minutes, but this time gives me the boost I need to rush forward into my day.

I also typically like to workout in the mornings when I have the time. It allows me to have healthier habits through the remainder of the day. When able, I’ll make it to the gym, otherwise, I’ll keep my yoga mat out and bust out some free weights and do some learned exercise routines while I catch up on a TV episode from the night before. Again, more time for me.

I’ve typically food prepped on Sundays, but if I haven’t I’ll take some time in the AM to make a quick lunch and assemble some snacks, too. Again, with the healthier mindset in mind. That way if I have a bunch of meetings, I’m not worrying if I’ll have time to grab lunch, I already have it.

Lastly, I have a routine of posting on Instagram each morning. I post on a couple profiles, and it’s part of my morning ritual either when I wake up, or when I’m getting ready, but before I head out the door. If I leave before I have, part of me feels like I left something unaccomplished. It’s just part of my morning now.

Seems like a lot for one morning, and at times it is. Sometimes, only half of that gets done, other times I prep for a meeting in addition to all of that.

What does that mean? I’m up between 5-6 am most mornings, because there’s no way you’re doing your morning rituals without making time for them. And I’ve realized that if I want the balance I want in my life, I have to make the time for them. Just like anything that’s important in our lives.

What’s your ritual?


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