The must-have Netflix binge snacks

You already have your summer binge list, but do you have your snacks? It’s just as important as the show…obviously.

Here are a few ideas of something that won’t make you feel bad in the summer months:

  1. Corn chips, Salsa, and Guac – Simple, easy, and as long as you don’t put the whole bowl of guac on one chip, you’ll feel good about it too!
  2. Eggplant Pizza – Instead of a regular crust, slice up eggplant and top with your usual ingredients.
  3. Carrot Fries – Sub potato for carrots and season with some cajun spices. Delicious.
  4. Carrots, Celery, and Hummus – always a winner.
  5. Celery or Apples and Peanut (or almond) Butter – and if you have a super sweet tooth craving, add some semi sweet dark chocolate chips.
  6. Peanut butter cookies – They may not be the healthiest, but they are gluten free. Here’s an easy recipe. 
  7. Nachos – but in order to make them more filling, add some chicken (or even better, buffalo chicken), and less cheese.
  8. Homemade potato chips – no fryer needed! Check out the recipe here. 
  9. Rice Krispie Treats – they’re a kid-at-heart favorite and super easy to make. Just make sure you find the krispies that you want. Recipes found here. 
  10. BBQ Kale Chips – Hello adding this to my list now….recipe here. 

And for beverages, instead of wine, consider Kombucha. It gives an appealing taste, and allows you to feel good after as well.


image source – pixabay

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