Same input, same output

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…do you really want to be that hamster who’s still running on the same wheel, not really going anywhere? I doubt it, cause I sure as hell don’t.

I had a spin instructor recently say…if you stay at the same wattage, or don’t change something about your method of attack for this stage of the ride, you’re not doing anything to help yourself. You’re not moving towards your goal. And you sure as hell aren’t bettering your fitness routine and reaching your goals.

As in spin class, I tried to do a few things differently:

  1. If it feels too easy, you’re not trying hard enough – Find ways to increase your effort, even with a tiny turn of the knob. Perhaps your significant other will notice that you planned dinner, just to say I love you.
  2. If you aren’t getting better results, you need to optimize and try a new way – Stand up and try a different position. We aren’t going anywhere if we keep repeating our same routine. Do you really think you’ll get that promotion with just minimum effort?
  3. If you are stuck, sometimes you have to start all over and try again – And it happens, sometimes you have to find a whole new routine. You need to stand up, turn up the wattage, and spin even harder. You need to address the situation a whole new way. Don’t let your friends and family pressure you into the same old routine.

Whether it’s exercise, your work goals, or your relationships, what you put in truly effects what you get out of it. It’s not going to change or get better unless you do more, and try new ways to get different results. Is it worth it to you?


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