the power of a hug

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Have you ever been having a rough day, or a moment where you didn’t quite feel yourself? You’re used to doing it all yourself, and getting through the madness despite the impact on your head and emotions. But then you see a friend, who comes over and just gives you a huge bear hug. A hug that isn’t just a brief one-handed “hey great to see you” hug but one of true friendship and care. One that lasts those few extra seconds. How does that feel?

I know for me it’s a sigh of relief, a form of comfort, and a reminder that I have friends I can count on too. And when it’s been a day where all I want to do is crawl into bed, sometimes that hug is enough to remind me that “I got this.”

So should you go looking for a hug everyday? Not necessarily. We all need to love ourselves and be independent in our lives. However, when we really need it (or even when we don’t realize we do), that hug is a tough, a feeling of love. Someone cares about us and our feelings.

So, in turn – shouldn’t you do the same?

  • When you see a friend having a hard day – “even if they don’t do girl” give them a brief touch, like a pat on the shoulder, and stay there for a moment longer.
  • Give someone a hug and smile at them in the morning just because you want to spread happiness to them.
  • Give someone a hug for a promotion or celebration, rather than just saying congrats.

The sentiment of touch, has more power than we realize, and it’s totally worth it.

So, hug it out.



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