The superhero complex – do you have it?


According to a recent article, a superhero complex is basically – when one may “…believe that we are made up of superhuman strength, able to fight through any and every life challenge with no break, meet the needs of everyone who needs us at any time, and… often do not know how to say NO or accept the disappointment or criticism of anyone around us.”

Does this sound familiar?

I know that I relate when it comes to:

  • overcoming all challenges that come my way (usually myself)
  • helping friends whenever and wherever they need me
  • Saying yes or probably to almost everything


  • Because I don’t want to fail
  • Because I always want to be there for others, and have a habit of feeling needed
  • Because I don’t want to disappoint, and always want to make others happy

Does this make me a bad person? Definitely not. Does it make me worse on myself? Probably.

I’ve done a few things to rectify this, on the above 3:

  • I ask for help when I really need it
  • I accept when I can’t be there, and relay that honestly
  • Starting to say no, when it’s better for me, so I can say yes to myself

But there are things that I want to improve my superhero qualities on:

  • Being a better, kinder person
  • Accomplishing even more at work and personally
  • Being someone people know they can count on, in a reasonable sense
  • Have a drive that is strong, and kick ass
  • Being fit and healthy, to the best of my ability

All of this will take time of course, and sometimes I have to remind myself, but hey superheroes are awesome. I’ll be wonder woman any day.


image source – pixabay

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