What does wellness look like for you?

Health and wellness…something we all need a dose of on the regular. But what does it mean? Yes yes, exercise and nutrition and all that good stuff. But really? What are the specifics?

It depends.

Safe answer? Maybe. True? Definitely.

We all have different bodies, different nutritional/dietary needs, can go on different amounts of sleep, and carry different endurance levels for exercise and training. While some of us can go on 4 hours of sleep, some of us are useless without at least 8. Some of us can easily eat only 1200 calories a day with little to snacks, while some of us need more to keep our energy up throughout the day, and make it through our spin class.

It really does depend.

Personally, my health and wellness fluctuates. I try to set weekly goals (seems less daunting than monthly or yearly ones, although I have those in mind as well). For example, pending on my work or personal schedule, I determine if I can workout in the AM or allow myself to sleep in a little more and devote some evening time to it instead. I prep meals to not just save money, but to know what I’m deciding to put in my body. Yes, I definitely eat out, and am guilty of ordering delivery especially on the weekends, but hey, that’s ok, too.

My health and wellness fluctuates pending on my body needs, and what I know I need to be in top mental and physical capacity. For example, if it’s Saturday morning and I know I could use that extra hour of sleep rather than rushing off to the gym, then I will. Maybe instead of pushing my body to get on that spin bike I’ll go for a walk instead in order to give myself a break. Other times, I know I’ve been a bit lax, and I push myself off that couch, knowing there has never been a time I regretted going to the gym.

In the end, wellness for me is physical and mental. Sometimes I just need a night on the couch to recoup from the week. Other times I need a night out with friends and some social company (without phones and Netflix). Wellness for me is not just exercise and less carbs. It’s giving myself balance. When I know I’ve been too busy because of work, I let myself have a day without a computer (such as Saturday), in order to give myself a screen break.

Wellness is how you define it for you.


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