What parts of 2020/2021 might be good to hold on to?

Yes, the pandemic has sucked. Yes, losing businesses, retail closures, restaurants, and broadway and more has sucked. A lot of it, has sucked.

Flipping the script for a minute, there have been a few good things that came out of the last year (year+)…

  • Communicating better with friends and family who live further away
  • Trying to find more of a work/life balance for those of us who have been WFH
  • Being okay to say no to plans
  • Being okay to put yourself first
  • Realizing the impacts of health and wellness and what more we can do to help ourselves everyday
  • Finding new ways to hang out including board games, puzzles, video games (taking it back to the 90s, and making it good)
  • Appreciating what we have and who we have

These are just a few things, but they are definitely some I have come to appreciate. I’ve started playing chess again (maybe partly to Queen’s Gambit but also because board games are awesome). I have tried to stay in better communication with friends who aren’t nearby … even though I admit I totally have zoom/webex/etc fatigue after work meetings. I’ve also learned to fit in mini breaks (when I can) during work for a break outside on the back deck or a 10 minute stretch/pilates session. Anything to break up the day and monotony of work, eat, sleep.

And I admit hanging out more outdoors has been a nice thing, especially outdoor dining. I do hope the restaurants keep that going.

What about you? What would you keep?


image source: pixabay

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