Can you see through the storm?

Let’s take a little journey and see if we can see through to the other side together?

She ran into the storm

Thunder surrounding her

Lighting crashing behind and in front of her

Rain coming sideways

She wasn’t able to see 6 inches ahead

Yet she kept moving

She knew she had to

She had to keep moving

The storm was one she had built

It was filled with grief, guilt, sadness

It was tormented by jealousy, anger, pain

Searing with emotion

A storm of her own

Why couldn’t she see forward

Why did the ground feel like quicksand

When did the madness become too much

When did she lose control of her own life 

She kept going

The storm was just a storm

And storms don’t last

Even if rubble might remain

A lightning strike made her jump

In that second in a puddle she saw her reflection

A woman once full of life love kindness

She had to get back to her

She needed to get back to her

A woman she admired and was proud to be

The only way was through

The bolts of lightning started to fizzle

The thunder was in her rearview

The rain turning to drizzle

She could see the other side

She could see her former, yet future self

A woman she just had to get to

With each step

She got closer



Not giving up

Holding her head high despite the heaviness

The clouds started to part

She was drenched, but she knew it was only temporary

The hope of the better version of herself was there all along

She just had to see through the storm


image source: pixabay

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