Part 1: Looking back on the year

With the year’s end approaching, and the New Year closer than we would probably like it…most of us cannot help but think about how the year went. Was it all we wanted? Could we have done more? Did we achieve our resolutions? And so much more.

Instead of stressing over the year’s end, how about using the below list to evaluate it properly and seeing how far you actually got (it’s probably a lot further than you realize):

1. What were my resolutions or goals?2. Which ones did I work on? to what percentage throughout the year?3. Were there barriers to this?4. What could I have done differently?5. What did I accomplish that was not planned or expected?6. How did that positively impact my year?7. What am I happier about at year’s end than at year’s beginning?
And to get you started on your thinking, here are some of my responses:

1. Instead of resolutions I’ve focused on a “word” to describe how I’ll take on the upcoming year. For example in 2016 my word was – excitement; 2017 – badass; and 2018 – fearless. I admit I have been more fearless than in the past where I’ve confronted folks that needed, and put myself first in multiple situations.

2. I would say this was a 65%, 35% turnout. Because sometimes I just plain forgot how to be fearless. But towards the end of the year, I started finding myself again, and it felt good.

3. Myself. Feeling worried.

4. Reminding myself of the word. Wearing it “on my sleeve.” And evaluating sooner.
5. I accomplished 2 work programs that went very well, and have made my home a place of comfort and solace, and adopted a new kitten!
6. It made me feel more accomplished, and more peace, respectively.
7. That my cat Lucky is feeling better! And I am appreciating myself more and more.

Take some time to reflect on this, and we’ll be back with Part 2 on how to tackle 2020 with greater strength and excitement.


image source – pixabay

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