Removing the chaos

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Has your end of year felt a bit crazed? Finishing up to meet deadlines? Rushing to get from one holiday party to the next? Perhaps barely getting any sleep because you are doing your checklist instead?

At one moment or another, the crash will come. It could be deciding to sleep instead of going out. It could be taking a day off from work to catch up on life or have a self care day. Whatever it may be, it needs to be recognized for what it is.

A moment to stop, reflect, and change your reality.

Do you want burnout? I certainly do not. I’ve been there. Multiple times. When I get home from work, and I literally could go straight to bed, and sometimes have.

And then you get even further behind on the items you had to do that evening. It’s like a damn hamster wheel…it never stops spinning. The hamster says to you, “what’s the one rule of fight club?” … “You don’t talk about fight club.”

No one wants to hear you say it. You don’t want to say it. You don’t want to admit you can’t do it all. That you need a break. Or can you imagine…a vacation! That word… it seems so foreign at times. Some folks go a whole year without taking the majority of their allotment.

Let’s stop the chaos.

Let’s take what is ours. Take that vacation. Take that day to sleep in on Saturday. Get your butt to the gym. Allow yourself that mani-pedi. And remember most of all – self care isn’t a once in a while thing like getting your nails done. It’s a daily routine that we allow to become apart of who we are and want to be.

But before you can do that…you need to be able to answer:

What’s your chaos?


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