Resolution fatigue

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Have you ever thought so hard about all the things you want to accomplish and then runaway from your to do list? When it comes to resolutions, there’s so much to consider – health, money, relationships, projects, and more. Sometimes it’s as simple as picking a new hobby, or walking a certain amount each day. However, our daily lives have a way of hounding us until our resolutions take the back burner, or make us feel like they’re chores.

Perhaps instead of making them seem like chores, and doing so much at once, consider initiating one at a time, and as one becomes a regular part of our lives, then another can begin. That way it’s less cumbersome and feels more natural as we begin a routine or new ritual.

Remove the barriers.

  • Start simple
  • Start one at a time
  • Allow our resolutions to feel exciting
  • Allow rewards
  • Begin with loving oneself
  • Share your accomplishments
  • Make it feel real with recording them as you move along

And if you’re not ready for one, skip to the next one. No reason for one resolution to get in the way of another.

Best of luck, my friends.


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