When life turns into “go go go”

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Autumn is here, which also means a time of year when things are picking up speed. All the good things including family events, community gatherings, school, work trips, football season, plans with friends and loved ones, and more. All great in theory, but sometimes it adds up and your calendar looks like it threw up everywhere…

I was thinking to myself the other day, do I just add it all on, do I decline some, or do I just see where things land and go with the flow? I’m a person that needs balance – plans with friends and family, time to myself (chill), and time to be productive and feel like an adult (food prep, clean, etc)…so how do I do it all without feeling wiped on Monday or Friday? Or everyday?

My goal is going to be making plans with the people who matter and the friends who make my life happier on a semi-regular basis, leaving room for random plans as things do pop up, and ensuring I leave space for no plans so I can catch up on life and have time to recharge. Not being my 20 year old self anymore, I am not a person who can “go go go” without time to be good to my body – I need time to exercise and sleep in order to be my best self. And when I don’t I end up ordering in food, getting lazy, and not being the best version of myself and that’s when I regret being too busy.

We are all different, and I know there will be weeks when I will have to make compromises, but in the end, I have to ensure I prioritize myself, my health, and my happiness in addition to those of others.

My advice to you…find your balance, your version of happiness this Fall, and remember, in the end, you do you.

Until next time, #radiatedaily

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