Flip the negative

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Have you had that day when all you can do is see through negative lens glasses. Those rose colored ones cannot be found. You are literally in a downward spiral of thinking everything sucks and every person is annoying you. It shows on your face. It can be heard in your voice. And the energy of it all trails behind you wherever you go.

The worst part, your energy attracts the same. You surround yourself with others who will take part in the negativity and frustrations you have or similar in nature. It takes on a life of its own.

But who wants to surround themselves with negative energy all the time? It’s exhausting. Draining. All consuming. It’s a true waste of time.

Instead, flip the narrative. Find the positive underneath the negative. Find the sense of hope. Instead of complaining of a bad day due to the weather, a tough conversation, or a rough cold, consider that it could be worse, and what you’re going through is probably pretty minimal. Focus on the good of that day. There has to be one thing, right? You’d think.

Again, your energy attracts the same. Positive energy follows positive energy. You surround yourself with good people with epic energy, and you can’t help but be in a better mood, more motivated, more inspired, and happier with each day, despite the nonsense and hard work that may lay ahead.

Flip the story. Flip your mood. Flip your energy.


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