Word of the Year: 2024

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I had a recent conversation with a friend around resolutions and instead how I like to choose a “word” or theme for a year instead. It’s more encompassing and allows for more bandwidth within it. He liked it and mentioned his word for 2024 is going to be gratitude.

Over the last 24 hours I’ve been debating on my own word. I took some time to reflect back a moment, before choosing. Back in 2019 (if only we knew) I spoke about resolution fatigue and that’s probably what got me to choosing a word vs. a list of resolutions. I’ve chosen words like “excitement” and “badassery” (aka being more bold), in 2022 I cheated a bit and chose two words, because one wasn’t quite enough at the time. I chose move and believe. I still love these two and utilize them in my growth journey quite a bit. In 2023, I kept these two in mind, but also allowed myself to choose “self care” and “live” . So now what? What do I choose for 2024, you might wonder?

Drum roll – I choose (sorry friend, or should I say thank you – i’m stealing one of yours): Gratitude and Mindfulness.

Gratitude because it’ll allow me to:

  • remember to appreciate what great things I do have in my life (small and big) especially when it may be a tough day or week or month
  • take a moment of gratitude each morning (it doesn’t have to be meditation, but it could be), to remind myself of 2-3 things (or even just one) that I am grateful for that day
  • be kinder to myself

Mindfulness because it’ll allow me to:

  • be more in the moment
  • be mindful of what is good for my body
  • be mindful of what is good for my mind
  • be mindful of what is good for my soul
  • be mindful of what is good for me right “now” and for “tomorrow”

PS I also think it’s super cool that 2024 is the year of the dragon, and not just because I love Game of Thrones but because they’re magical creatures and supposedly bring a tad bit of luck with them.

Now I hand the pencil over to you. Discover what your theme/word of 2024 may be…

Until next time, #RadiateDaily

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