Summer and Eating Healthy On The Go

It’s getting warmer. I know it’s true for me, but I have less desire to eat hot meals, and I’m constantly on the go. Then there’s the problem of being healthy but not having the time or wanting to cook a┬ámillion things in advance for each week. Although, I meal prep regularly, I ┬ádon’t do it all every Sunday/Monday. My schedule changes and stuff ends up going to waste if I do it all at once. So instead, I do a couple things earlier in the week and then again mid week if I need to.

With the warmer weather I’m more into salads, smoothies, and light protein (fish) and veggies, which can all be meal prepped and eaten for a couple meals instead of just in one sitting:

Salads: My go-to has been cooking up a bunch of chicken sausage and tossing it over fresh arugula. Then tossing in some easy add-ons such as sliced almonds, avocado, blueberries, and grated parmesan. Protein filled and so simple. I usually top it off with some balsamic vinaigrette.

Protein and Veggies: Grill or Bake tilapia or salmon in just a few minutes with some lemon and pepper. So simple. With that I usually have some asparagus or grilled corn. Done.

Smoothies: Drooling just thinking about all the choices here. With the ability to keep your ingredients lasting longer through frozen options, you can make smoothies almost anytime. My fave – a mango green smoothie – which is perfect when mangos are in season (right now!).

What’s your summer go-to meal prep?


Image source: fit paleo life

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