The Exercise Routine You Can Do Anywhere

We’re busy. We’re in a rush. We’re lazy. We’re tired. We’re over-worked. We’re’ traveling. We have a lot of excuses to not get to the gym and/or not work out on a regular basis. Basically we have a lot of bullshit. Don’t you think?

Luckily there are some exercise routines you can do in 15 minutes almost anywhere you are, with no equipment. It’s my go-to routine for when I’m in a rush, and especially when I’m traveling and not able to get to the gym.

  • 12 squats (Bonus if you have a weight or something heavy you can hold while doing so) *
  • 10 lunges *
  • 30 second wall sit *
  • Squat hold and 12 punches *
  • 60 second plank ** (Bonus if you switch back and forth between a full plank and forearm plank)
  • 15 second side plank **
  • 10 pushups *
  • 30 second run in place*
  • 20 jumping jacks*
  • 10 burpees*

*repeat three times    ** repeat twice

Want more? Let us know and we can add to that list.



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