When the chips fall down

A lot happens in life. The good. The bad. The mediocre. We sometimes don’t realize how wonderful things are in the moment, until they’ve passed. When we look back and see how grateful we could be for the things in our lives. The roofs over our heads. The company of loved ones. A secure job. Our health. The ability to get up each morning and live a life that we realize is a rarity to some others.

When the chips fall…

There is still a time to be grateful. Be mindful of the good within the tough moments. Appreciate what we have not what we don’t have.

The chips may fall all over…

We may feel down in the dumps over the color of those chips. Where they have fallen. What they have fallen on. And how long they take to pick up.

But here’s the thing. And I truly believe this. We are rarely dealt a set of cards, we can’t handle. And in that vein, the chips in our hands, even if they fall, can be picked up by us.

Now that isn’t to say it’ll be easy. Or quick. Or even without frustration, stress or heartache.

However, those chips, even if a tad tattered, will find their way back to their place. And so will we. And if we work hard (because life is about work, not just luck) on what we want and need, we may even get some new chips. Shiny new ones ready and waiting for our new hand to be dealt.

Until next time, #radiatedaily

image source: pixabay

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