Have you ever dated yourself?

Taking time to get to know yourself and even take yourself out on a date are total confidence builders. So if you’re down to read more, please do, but you can also listen to our latest podcast episode here.


I recently went to a book tour event for Emma Lovewell’s new book Live Learn Lovewell, and it was not only fun, eventful, but also inspiring. She is a human with many skills, but also caring, kind, and self-aware.

She takes time to get to know herself. Date herself. Find time to do things that make her a better human, partner, friend, and family member.

Do you take time for that?

I know I did a lot more when I lived in NYC and spoke a bit about that in “do you enjoy your own company” here.

The advantages I see for dating yourself include:

  • Appreciating who you are
  • Putting yourself as a priority
  • Being mindful with your time
  • Understanding your own needs and wants
  • Enjoying your own company
  • Doing the things that make you happy

I know I have some hobbies, that not everyone else does. So I take time for myself each week — whether it a couple hours or a whole day. It depends on what I think I need in order to be a better version of myself. Is it always feasible, each week. Maybe not. But finding time even, to read a book in the evening before bed – time for me, with me, is important.

When I am a better version of myself, I am better for the people I care about in my life too.

When are you taking yourself out on a date?

Until next time, #radiatedaily

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